Test Shopping & Paying with Digital Currencies

in less than 5 minutes

Step 1: Create your own card to receive funds (< 1mn)

  • Connect to https://demo.primusmoney.com/my-wallet/#/currencycards
  • Choose the test stablecoin you will be using:
    – Pseudo cUSD on celo testnet alfajores
  • Generate a new private key using the icon next to the Add button
  • Add this private key as a new card for the stablecoin you have chosen
  • Click on the card you have created (note it has a key icon marking you have full control)
  • Copy the address from your card using the icon next to the box displaying the Address

Step 2: Get funds from a faucet (< 1mn30s)

  • Go to the faucet corresponding to the test platform where the stablecoin is issued:
    https://celo.org/developers/faucet for cUSD
  • Paste the address of your card that was previously copied:
    – check “I’m not a Robot” and press “Get Started” for celo
  • Request funds (a sum of 10 USDT on binance and 10 cUSD on celo can be granted every 24h)

Step 3: Spend your funds shopping (< 2mn30s)

  • Click on the Shop menu of the current site
  • Choose one or more of our fake items to put in your cart
  • Go to your cart when you are finished (through the Cart menu, the Cart icon or a View Cart button)
  • Press “Proceed to Checkout”
  • In the “Digital currency transfer” payment method, pick the stablecoin you have chosen if several are listed
  • Press the “Pay” button
  • Your test wallet will open, with the currency card corresponding to the selected stablecoin
  • Choose “Transfer” or “Cancel” if you want to proceed to the test payment or prefer to cancel it

Step 4: Get a complete demo

  • Our solution supports many other use cases (QR code for web to mobile payments, pre-paid accounts, private digital currencies, multiple stable coins,…)
  • Contact us to get a complete demo